Pier Gifts Shop

An e-commerce site redesigned to support online shopping

My Role

Timeline + Deliverables

Key Methods


Gifts Shop’s current website is basic and hides rather than showcases available products. It does not allow customers to shop online.


Pier Gifts Shop’s new website offers a better customer experience. It allows users to browse through current inventoryand shop online from anywhere.


Pier Gifts is a gift shop located in Pismo, a small town on the Central Coast of California. It opened more than 30 years ago. Over the past few decades, Pismo has become a  hotspot destination for tourists and day-trippers looking to enjoy fun in the sun and the beauty of the California surf. Piers Gifts has become popular for shoppers with a huge selection of décor and gifts.


First, I visited the Pier Gifts Shop in person and watched the customers. Then, I asked few questions to the manager on duty such as:
  • How do you keep track of your inventory?
  • Do you use any software or tools?
  • Do you know the best-selling items? Why?

Next, I recruited 8 people that appreciate the little local stores in town, ages ranging from 23-42. 

Key Takeaway

People tend to shop for more items online from businesses than in person due to the convenience and deals.


User interviews and qualitative data analysis revealed two different types of personas.
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Informational Architecture

To inform how to organize and Site Map the Shop’s inventory, I conducted a card sorting research activity using both softwares Optimal Workshop


Before I start wireframing in my Design Process, I let my inner child who loves drawing and sketching come to life. That way, I can see a clear vision of the solution.

I gave the customers the option to identify themselves as locals or visitors. Then, I showed them products that matched their needs based on previous customers’ experiences. Or even better, an option to sign up so shoppers can have a shopping list tailored for each customer.

Added a Check Out process allowing users to buy online and have their products delivered to their doors. 


To improve the customer experience and retention, I designed a website that displayed the current inventory with Prices for each product. The website was also functional and easy to use, and it allowed customers to buy products online and have them delivered if they could not come to the store.

Hi-Fi Prototype

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Next Steps

  • Test the website for functionality, usability, security, and performance.
  • Market website to attract and retain customers using my SEO skillsets.
  • Integrate the website with other platforms and tools.
  • Update and maintain the website regularly.